Baby bottles are an absolute must have for any new mother, even if you are considering exclusively breast feeding. With so many different styles and types available its understandable to be confused with where to start.

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Before you jump in and order 15 of the same style bottle it is important to buy 1 of each of your preferred type to ensure that this will work for you and baby. Each baby will have their own preference on the size, shape, flow and texture of the teats being used.

While all of these things should be considered we have narrowed down a few things to help you make your decision.

How do I know which bottle to use?

The type of bottle that you will want to use will more often than not fall into one of the following categories; I am exclusively breast feeding, I am combination feeding or I am solely bottle / formulas feeding.

Here are the different types of bottle that are available in the UK

  • Plastic (BPA Free)
    Plastic baby bottle have the advantage of being lightweight, inexpensive and easily accessible with most supermarkets and baby stores selling them. Plastic bottles do come with a small downside in that they are not as durable as some of the other options available on the market. Thankfully BPA was banned from use in feeding bottles back in 2011 meaning all Plastic Baby Bottles available today are completely BPA free and safe to use.
  • Glass
    The glass baby bottles available today are nothing like the antique bottles of the past. Modern glass baby bottles are often now heat proof, shock proof and come with additional sleeves giving them extra protection. These bottles shouldn’t have any issues when being cleaned and only really need replacing if they become crack, chipped or damaged in any other way.
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel baby bottles are potentially the best looking out of all the bottles available. These look the part and are also in it for the long run, with them very rarely needing to be replaced.
  • Silicone
    Food grade silicone baby bottles are becoming more and more popular among new parents, offering a silky smooth flexible finish to the bottle. Unlike glass and plastic baby bottles these do often come at a higher price point.

What kind of teat should I use?

Most baby bottles will come with a teat (sometimes referred to as a nipple) . There are a number of different teat options available so its vital to ensure you pick one that will work for your baby. It is also important to make sure that the teats you choose are compatible with the style of bottle you go for. Teats also come in a range of flows, this is used to limit the amount of milk that can pass through the teat at a given time. As your baby gets older you will find they will need to move up flow rates on the bottle teats.

We would recommend that you try a few different teats until you know which works for you and your baby.

  • Traditional teats
    These are often bell shaped and are what most people would picture when you think of the teat of a baby bottle
  • Orthodontic teats
    This style of teat is designed to protect your baby’s mouth and help them build their muscles as naturally as breast feeding would.
  • Anti Colic teats
    These teats are designed to draw air away from the milk in the bottle and should reduce in 80% less wind, reflux and fuss.

Teat Flow Stages

As previously mentioned its important to ensure that you are using a teat with the correct flow for your baby. The teat flow restricts the amount and speed at which the milk can flow from the teat.

Teats will usually be marked with the flow rate or stage or teat along the rim. It’s important that you don’t jump up flow rates too quickly, we would always recommend checking with your midwife or health visitor to get advice on what stage you should be using.

For more information on bottle teats take a look at our baby bottle teats article.

Our Recommendations!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Tommee Tippee closer to nature are one of the most popular bottles on the market. The closer to nature bottles & teats have a distinct breast like shape which allows them to flex just like mum would. They also come as standard with an anti colic valve. They also come in 2 different sizes 150ml, 260ml & 350ml.

MAM Easy Start

The MAM Easy Start bottles are anti colic as standard helping your little one have a hassle free feed. The main benefit of the MAM Easy Start bottles is their ability to self sterilise. This can be done with just 20ml of water and a microwave, making having a clean sterile bottle quick and easy.

Phillips Avent Natural Baby

The Philips Advent Natural Bottles all come with natural latch on teats that mimic the feeling of a natural breast. Petals inside the teat allow for increased softness and flexibility. They also come with an anti colic valve meaning your baby will be inhaling less air when feeding.

NUK First Choice

The NUK First Choice bottles come with an orthodontic teat with a distinct soft zone that moulds gently to your baby’s palate. These bottles have a built in temperature control indicator that shows when your milk is too hot. This ensures your baby is receiving milk that is at the perfect temperature for them.

Why not share your thoughts on the bottles we have mentioned in the comments below? If you have any questions leave them below and a member of our team will be able to get back to you!